TSX1 Holiday Mystery Collector's Box!

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TeamSamuraiX1's LIMITED Edition Mystery Collector's Box!

Available from December 26-December 31st. ONLY 200 BOXES will be available!

Look for randomly inserted BONUS PSA 10 Ulti 1st Edition E-Hero Thundergiant valued at $1000USD+, vintage booster packs, sleeves and so much more! 

This Collector Box includes 7 GUARENTEED Items:

  •  1 Limited Edition SIGNED Playmat (not sold in-store), *chance to get HOLO series playmat SIGNED thats no longer available in store*
  •  3 Assorted Booster Pack (2 core set, 1 legendary duelist) *chance to get VINTAGE booster packs*
  •  1 TSX1 Mystery Pack (includes 1 holo, 4 commons)
  •  1/2 SupremePro white/black sleeves
  •  1/7 SupremePro TSX1 Holographic Sleeves
  •  1/8 TSX1 Attribute Dice 
  •  1 TSX1 Holographic Sticker

Product ships on January 16th Week. Please allow some time since I have to autograph each playmat. I hope you understand :)