Valentines 2023 Premium Leather Deck Box!

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Limited Edition - Valetines 2023 Premium Leather Deck Box Bundle

ONLY 500 are Available. 

This new drop is part of a DUO collection collab with Winter 2022 Deck Box release. This exclusive set creates a story between both Enchantess and Magician Girl when essembled together. Just like the Millenium Puzzel. 

Each Deck Box Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Double Deck Box
  • 1 Leather Divider
  • 1 TSX1 Attribute Dice
  • 1 TSX1 Holographic Sticker

Deck Box Features:

  • Light Pink Colourway
  • Capable of holding 200+ sleeved cards
  • Double-deck capabilities
  • New detachable dice box tray
  • Embossed outer design
  • Magnetic Seal
  • Durable Leather Material
  • Water-resistant
  • Smooth velvet interior 
  • Newer sleek design
This Item Ships January 30th week through February 10th or earlier.